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Sunday, September 17, 2006


The best way to get something done is to begin. Boy, that's easier said than done. Do you have those nagging tasks that have to be finished but you never seem to get around to it? I have a fair amount of those round to-its in my life.

Well I started this post around 6 AM and it's now 5 PM. How's that for procrastinating? In my defense, I did have 8 guests for lunch and swimming today. Is that an excuse? I was having a hard time getting my brain around this subject. Even though I have many unfinished projects, I know someone worse than me. He hasn't done his taxes in 10 years. That's playing with fire. The IRS is nothing to mess with. I know a lot of people who got themselves in trouble not filing the required irritating, annoying, aggravating tax returns. You can tell, I hate doing them too. I think it's the deadline that bothers me more than the forms. I must admit, I am smart enough to go to a smart tax accountant.

My worst procrastinating right now is not finishing up my darkroom. Also not framing some wonderful Japanese calligraphy. Now neither of these projects is very hard. I just have to get motivated.

I've taken time management courses and I make lists; the problem is I start 10 things at once and bounce from one to another. Eventually I get things done, but I cause myself a lot of grief in the process. So my blogging friends, give me some help here. What do you do to keep from procrastinating?


Blogger Motherkitty said...

There are several things that I do when I have a project that must be done:

1. Turn off the computer
2. Step away from the computer
3. Think about the project
4. Go to the refrigerator to get a drink
5. Think some more about the project
6. Go back to the computer and play games while thinking about the project
7. Get up again and actually look at the project to be done
8. Get something to eat
9. Go to the bathroom
10. Watch TV
11. Fall asleep
12. Wake up, feel guilty, and say, "I can't think about it now. I'll think about it tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day."

Oh well, Miss Scarlett, tomorrow is another day and you will get it done -- eventually.

September 17, 2006 6:04 PM  
Blogger Gary said...

It seems that I am only good at stopping procrastination if there is an actual deadline. As the deadline approaches I start getting nervous about not doing the task and that gives me the energy to do it.

Unfortunately, if there is no actual deadline, then I'm usually in deep trouble. :)

September 18, 2006 4:00 PM  
Blogger PEA said...

I think we're all procrastinators at you I sometimes start too many things at once then get sidetracked. I have to be in a certain mood to do certain things...otherwise, forget it, it won't get done! Like Gary says, it seems if there's no deadline then we keep procrastinating! lol Still laughing at motherkitty's comment! hehe Hugs!

September 18, 2006 5:11 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I devised a system that really helps me. I list all the things I have to do in a day or week. I then highlight what I have completed. (I think most people highlight what they still HAVE TO DO.) Soon enough, the desire to get all the points listed highlighted becomes a motivating factor in itself to complete my tasks. One cautionary note - I have learnt that creating lists can in itself be a great way of avoiding creating value in your life - if all you end up doing is making the lists. If you do, the highlighting aspect kicks in.
I once saw a time management expert on OPRAH. Her suggestion really worked for me. She said that instead of leaving things until you have that one extended piece of time you are always chasing to complete things in - take any opportunity you get, even if it is only 10 minutes here and there. Use those little bites of time to progress with a task and soon enough it will be complete.
I love motherkitty's list!
My love and best wishes to you and those you love for a Happy New Year and a meaningful Fast.

September 20, 2006 6:14 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Loved motherkitty's list!! That sounds like mine unfortunately!!

Staying away from the computer is the hardest one of all!!

September 20, 2006 5:01 PM  
Blogger Franny said...

This is how I deal with procrastination; I tell myself I will do it tomorrow! (ha ha ha)

I understand your 'weakness', but you had a very busy schedule. Eight guests!!? You're not're TIRED!!!

September 22, 2006 6:22 AM  
Blogger Tammy said...

I always say that I am going to stop procrastinating and then I have to wait until to morrow until I work out exactly how - if you work out how to end putting for tomorrow what can be done the day after - let me know!!

September 24, 2006 4:10 PM  
Blogger judypatooote said...

That is so funny that you mention Procrastination.....last week thats what our sermon was about. Pastor kept saying "So Just Do it"... oh yes I am a procrastinator... I typed out in big letters "Sooooo just do it" and put it on my frig..... it worked for a

September 24, 2006 4:57 PM  

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