I am a lover of horticulture, gardening and the environment. At age 8, I sent away for a package of Zinnia seeds for 10 cents and I've been hooked ever since. After 25 years of being self-employed, I retired. That only lasted 4 years and I now work in a water conservation program: I buy grass from homeowners who are willing to convert to desert landscaping and lose that thirsty green stuff. I pursue what interests me and you can blame my sister for getting me into this blogging thing.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Happy Birthday, Granddaughter

This is a busy time, we have two of our grandchildren visiting us from Houston. They're having a ball. Today was the girl's birthday and we went to New York, New York. They have an arcade for kids there, I think they're teaching them to be gamblers. Not that I'm a gambler by any means. They each got $20 to spend and came home with an armload of stuffed toys. They were thrilled.

After a hot dog or two, they're in the pool. Later we're going to paint pottery and then have pizza with friends. I don't remember birthdays being so exhausting when our kids were little.

Oops, I hear yelling out at the pool. More later.